The NFT for OG Solana adopters

If you found this site, you're an early adopter of Solana and NFTs. Give yourself a pat on the back 👏

Club Sol is a community for early adopters. Members get status and perks. Mint a membership card to join the club.

Club Sol Membership Card

Welcome to the club

Club Sol is an exclusive association for Solana investors.

Every month, we mint a new membership card. When the month ends, we stop minting membership cards for that month.

That makes the December membership card rare. If you own one, that means you minted it early, or you paid a premium for the status symbol.

Club Sol's philosophy is that anyone can join. That's why membership cards will always mint at an affordable fiat price. However, we believe early joiners should get recognized for taking a calculated bet.



Your membership card proves how early you joined Club Sol. It represents the bet you took on the Solana ecosystem in its infancy. It gives you perks like early access and discounts.

The earlier you join, the more credibility you have as a crypto investor.

An early membership card gives you tangible, provable bragging rights when Solana moons.

In one year, five years, ten years -- the number of NFT buyers will explode. In a metaverse where NFTs are commonplace, status is the currency to stand out.

When we reach a critical mass, we'll partner with other projects and builders to give Club Sol members early access to NFT drops and discounts.


We developed an API to validate whether a wallet holds a membership card NFT, and which membership card it owns.

CURL -X GET | jq .
    "batch": "2021-11",
    "owners": [
    "batch": "2021-12",
    "owners": [


November 2021

Develop the Club Sol membership card and educational collateral

November 27 2021

Launch the membership card NFT

Early December 2021

Develop an API and javascript client library that authorizes actions based on a Solana wallet's membership card NFT ownership

Mid December 2021

Create and launch the December 2021 Club Sol membership card

Mid December 2021

Grow the number of holders and stress-test the API by conducting giveaways for Club Sol holders.

Early January 2021

Create an app that lauches first to Club Sol membership card holders, in order of their membership card date. Use the API and client library to validate memership.

Mid January 2021, or once we reach 10k members

Find partners that give early access or discounts to Club Sol membership card NFT holders.


Club Sol is currently built by a one-person team. My goal is to bring NFTs into the mainstream.

My building principles are:
  • Access for all: All 6B people in the world with a smartphone should be able to own an NFT. I aim to lower the barriers to NFT ownership as much as possible.
  • Low cost: Other NFTs mint for hundreds of USD, which is inaccessible to the vast majority of people. Club Sol NFTs will mint for a low fiat price.
  • Real utility: I don't want to build a purely speculative asset. We won't get widespread adoption of NFTs if we leave out people who can't afford to make risky investments. At the same time, I firmly believe early joiners should get rewarded for their early bet. To reconcile those two ideas, I'll make sure that the NFT has real utility for ownership.
  • Bootstrapped: To keep costs of the NFT low, I need to keep costs of the production low. As a result, I'm bootstrapping the business and doing development, marketing, and design by myself. When Club Sol gains traction, I'll hire a designer.

About me: I'm a staff software engineer based in San Francisco, CA. In my 10+ year career, I've worked across startups and large public companies. I'm an avid crypto investor. I love to build 🔨